Poo Stain


Step 1:
Make a wet paste from cold water and Oxi-Clean laundry detergent.

Step 2:
Work paste into stain.  You can use a toothbrush or whatever you like.

Step 3:
Machine wash in cold water.  If Item is still darkly stained than start again at Step 1.

Step 4:
VERY Important!  Do NOT place item into the dryer.  The dryer will set the stain.  Instead, dry the item OUTSIDE in the sun.  The sun will bleach out any faint yellow that remains after washing.

What you will need:
Cold Water
Toothbrush (optional)
Lots of sunlight

Estimated time to complete:
2- 3 Hours

The methods provided to remove your specific stain may not work as well, or sometimes at all, with dry clean only or delicate fabrics. Always Check “Care” tags and test for color fastness.  Some fabrics will lend themselves to these cleaning techniques more than others, so results will vary.  Make sure that your garment is completely clean before placing it into the dryer.  once your garment dries, any remaining stain may be set for life.  Above all, make sure that the material will survive the stain removal.

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